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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Healthy mozzarella sticks

Another game day snack or a "treat".

Healthy mozzarella sticks

4-6 pieces string cheese, cut in half
1/4 C flour
1 egg, beaten
1 C seasoned bread crumbs

Freeze cheese sticks for about an hour to firm them up. Dip them lightly in egg, then roll in flour. Dip again in egg and dredge in crumbs until completely coated. Lay on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake at 400* for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Serve with marinara sauce for dipping.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks I really love those cheese sticks, but never thought of making them myself. Now you have inspired me. I hate the cost of the frozen ones when I go to the store.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Awesome! There are so many things that you can make at home for far less than what you pay at the store!

Good luck, I love cooking!


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