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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lynchburg Fried Rice

soy sauce
white rice
frozen peas
optional: any meat scraps any vegitables mushrooms be creative with fridge left overs.

In a two quart sauce pan place about a half inch of rice on the bottom of the pan. Add water to the first nuckle of your forefinger above the level of the rice {this works for any quanity of rice by the way}. Add about a table spoon of butter, cover and bring to a boil reduce heat to a slow simmer. When the water is absorbed the rice is done. Then set aside. cut bacon in small slices, slice cabbage thinly, and cut the other ingredients creatively. If you are adding meat scraps cut into small pieces. Raw meat should be sliced accross the grain. Fry the bacon first then add the foods in the order that takes the longest to get done. Last step is to stir in the rice. Add soy sauce to taste while cooking.

Any combinations of meats and vegitables can be added, good way to dispose of those pesky left overs.


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